Typhoon G | Arial & ground imaging solution for your GoPro

The Typhoon G Imaging Solution allows you to get the most out of your GoPro® Camera, by providing you with a tool to make smooth and stable aerial footage, while delivering direct digital video on the ST10+ Ground Station screen.

Sports enthusiasts and adventurers alike have a new and powerful tool in capturing their actions, while being able to see what they are recording in real time.

Getting smooth professional footage flying manually is never been as easy as using Watch Me mode. Set up the Typhoon's position and automatically get amazing footage of your actions on the go.

Turn your GoPro® into your private flying camera and create amazing selfie videos, dronie effects or just follow you anywhere you go.

The SteadyGrip handheld device ensures ground shots are as smooth as those taken from the air. Get full control of your GoPro® and record Hollywood style movies just like professionals do.



Box Contents

Typhoon G Aircraft

ST10+ Ground Station

CGO Steady Grip

GB203 gimbal

MK58 Video Link

x1 LiPo Battery

2 sets of rotor blades

AC to DC adapter

Balancing charger

USB adapter/charger and cable

Car charger

USB interface/programmer

Sun shield

Neck strap

Prop installation tool

Battery door latch / lock set


Quickstart guide

LED status, calibration, and warning sheets

BUY NOW FOR $1,299

Air Craft Specifications

Up to 25 minutes flight time

3 flight modes: smart / angle / home

5400 mAh 3S 11.1V LiPo

3S 11.1V LiPo DC balancing smart charger with AC adapter

10-channel 2.4GHz with 5.8GHz video download

Maximum flying height: Default 122m (400ft) above Ground Level (Adjustable via the Typhoon GUI)

Maximum rotation rate: 65°/s

Mazimum Roll Angle: 35°

Operating temperature range: -5°C to 80°C

Radio Control Frequency Band: 2.4GHz

GB203 Gimbal Specifications

Focusing System: +75° ~ -120°

Field of view: -45° ~ +45°

Video Transmission Range: -45° ~ +45°

SRP: $599

MK58 Digital Video Downlink

Compatible Camera: GoPro® Hero 4 Black

Working Voltage: 5V (±0.5V)

Working Current: 1A

SRP: $699 including GB2013 Gimbal

Ground Station Specifications

Android operating system

10 channels

Video Link Frequency Band: 5.8GHz

Control Transmission Range: FCC Compliance: Up to 800m (2624.67 ft) CE Compliance: Up to 400m (1312.34 ft)

Video Transmission - FCC Compliance: Up to 600m (1968.5 ft) CE Compliance: Up to 300m (984.252 ft)

Flight Systems Telemetry Data On Screen Display

Capacitive Multi-Touch 5.5” LED backlit LCD screen 854 × 480px

Tactile (Vibrating) and Audible Feedback

Camera Settings: White balance, light exposure, ISO, shutter speed, video resolution, FPS, record video, take pictures.

Laws regarding use of Drones in NZ

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